Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Indeed Incredible India! – Chandigarh Part 1

Oh…what a wonderful world….and I believe, God has done justice to our country, which has everything that it needs, you name we have it, the hills, the shrines, the holy waters, the pristine snow clad mountains, deserts, rivers, ocean, lakes, valley, plantations….flora and fauna, the list can go on…..

Wonder what I’m talking about, I’m talking about my recent travel to the mighty Himalayan ranges, and one has to see to believe it…how mighty and serene it is up there on the hills….where surely God’s must reside…and might have had…if only we believe…

But since the journey was spaced out over 8 days, I would like to split my travel escapade as well. Now beginning with Chandigarh, so that you too get a clear glimpse into our wonderland, called Incredible India.

Day 1. Chandigarh Rock Garden Creator Nek Chand Saini

It all began with our air journey from Mumbai (the city of dreams) to Chandigarh; land of Mr. Nek Chand’s exquisite artistry, making India the proud bearer of his unique skill of using Industrial and other waste materials coupled with an unbelievable yet not so easily mouldable item such as a Rock moulded at its best by this native of India hailing from the village of Shakargarh (region now in Pakistan).

Rock Garden Description

Nek Chand is a self-taught artist famous for building the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. It is an 18 acre sculpture garden in the city of Chandigarh.

Nek Chand's Rock Garden

Beautiful depiction of memories

One could feast their eyes for hours together at this out of the world location….admiring each of his unique creations…his vision is indeed exuberant…for he enhances the saying…where the mind stops thinking, imagination takes a leap…and that is what is depicted in his unique rock art…

Use of waste materials

Below is a mini tour of the garden followed by the pictures..hope you enjoy the virtual tour as much as we did the real one…

Here are some terra-cotta pots lined up in a stunning way…

Pots made out of stone
Likewise for these creepers, which although look like real ones, are indeed carved out of a stone…amazing isn’t it…

Creepers made of stone

Here’s a house carved out of stone….

house carved out of rock

And below are some stone animals moreso like real ones…

penguine creatures



Men, women and people playing music…what a vision…



people playing music

Since this post itself is so huge, and everything can't be incorporated, I'm breaking it down for you to enjoy all the places...

I also have a video tour of this exquisite place for you, so here goes..click here
Video on Nek Chand's Rock Garden - Chandigarh

They say, God is everywhere, sure he is, for this man found it in an inanimate object like a stone…and waste materials….it is true when they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s gold….Nek Chand Sir proved it….literally…

Salute to this Visionary who has done India proud with his unique talent and achievement…
So guys, what do you think you wanna create today….think..you never know, what miracle you can create, if only…..you believe….

Signing off for now and as promised I’ll return for the next blog…soon…so stay tuned….

But do tune in for further interesting episodes from our trip to the North…further to come is part two in Chandigarh Sukhna Lake and Haryana Pinjore garden (Fort)…..

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