Thursday, 19 September 2013

Click! She’s stuck in his head

Hello folks,

Longggggg time…Not been in touch…

Nonetheless, here’s something to rejoice….

I’m glad to present to you my new fiction novel, titled Click! She’s stuck in his head 

Click! Shes Stuck In His Head Front Cover

Here’s a synopsis for the same:

Anil’s life was set to be changed forever the moment he had boarded that Mangalore Express, when a chance encounter brings Aaliah into his life and, within a week’s time, propels their friendship to a full-blown love relationship. But it’s only on Anil’s return from the trip, that Rohit, Anil’s best friend-cum-business partner, suspects something odd when Anil begins to show a photograph of Aaliah to his drunken friends at a party. Rohit being slightly sober notices something strange.

Astonishingly the girl, who Anil verbally describes, looks nothing like the girl in the photograph, who is called Aaliah. And she is the one who Anil claims to be in love with. This raises suspicion in Rohit’s mind as to who the girl Anil was describing could be? And does she even exist, since she is nowhere to be seen in the photographs. With million questions in his mind, Rohit finally embarks upon a quest to uncover the truth behind Anil’s strange behavior.

To uncover the truth about Anil and Aaliah, and the mysterious girl that Anil keeps describing … come and be a part of this unique and exciting romantic journey in unravelling the mystery behind Click! She’s stuck in his head.

Do click on the link below for the trailer on the same

Click! She’s stuck in his head

Do watch the space for the release date….And hey! stay excited…..

Hope you enjoyed the trailer folks….