Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dark Day in the history of this Country

Today is the dark day in the history of our Country, not that there have be other occasions where the acts of some despicable creatures have shamed our nation...but this one tops all, for our Government has proven it is the worst kind ever to be forcefully elected and rule over us Indians....

A country where women are trashed, used, ill respected, molested, raped time and again, not only physically but also mentally, today is a special day, for the Government of India is raping the entire nation, the youth of this country...which is taking a bold stand and trying to protest against this national outrage...It is disgusting how the government is totally out of sync with the realities of our changing nation.

This post is in particular regarding this one courageous 23 year old, who is battling it out in the ICU of Safdarjung hospital, after being admitted on Sunday night, whereby she had to go through various surgeries.

The details of the rape are unspeakable of, for it is a shame to humanity, that the girl was not only repeatedly raped by the 6 animals but also penetrated with an iron rod while on the moving bus and was finally flung out of the bus brutally to await her fate to die..

The surgeons said, that her injuries are so grave that, her intestines had to be removed and they were initially doubtful she would even survive.
Here is an article from Dailymail of the aftermath and also the latest on this incident click here, Delhi Rape Victim News

As we continue to witness horrific scenes of clashes enfold between the innocent protestors and the police force, I feel there should be laws against the Lawmakers, who are using their high handed approach to assault the innocent people who are standing up against immense atrocities...carried out by these lawmakers...They should be on the receiving end as well one day....

With tainted, rapists sitting in the Parliament... it is despicable how there can be any hope of justice for this Nation...I wish these people are also meted out the same trauma that the citizens of this country have to in and day out...

This event calls out for a National bandh, it is horrific, at such a day the President of the country has nothing to offer the people of this nation, this day should be the Death of the government...And its only through our constant struggle and voice this can be executed...Sign the petitions to strengthen the laws...

The petition is to the President and the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India...
To:Pranab Mukherjee, President of India
Chief Justice of India, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India

The gang-rape of a 23-year-old student in a moving bus on the night of December 17 in the capital city of Delhi has triggered anger, outrage and shock amongst every citizen this country.

The National Crime Records Bureau records 572 rapes reported from Delhi for the year 2011. This year 635 rapes had already been reported as of December 15, 2012, Rape is not a problem that afflicts Delhi alone. In recent months, we have seen a rising crime graph against women being reported from virtually every corner of the country including Haryana, Kerala and Bangalore.

Each time a rape is reported, civil society reacts with anger and outrage, which unfortunately dies down and is forgotten, until the next time. The question to ask: what is the inflexion point? At what stage do we say collectively and in one voice: Enough.

Many solutions have been offered in the light of this particular gang-rape and in the past. Some of these include:

1. The setting up of fast track courts (as in Rajasthan recently) to ensure speedy trials.
2. The imposition of maximum, exemplary sentence.
3. The immediate clearing of all pending cases involving crimes against women.
4. Immediate training and sensitisation of police force to crimes against women, including domestic violence, molestation and sexual assault.
5. The immediate passage of pending bills that seek to protect women, including the Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Bill 2012 and the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2012
6. Consultations with the Ministry of Human Resources to see how best to address the issue of sensitising boys through the school curriculum.
7. National-level, open consultations involving civil society and other stake-holders on how best to tackle the growing misogyny and hostility against women as well as rising crimes against them.
8. Ensuring safe public transport for all citizens by installing CCTVs and conducting due diligence of employees including bus drivers, cleaners etc.

Despite having so many women in positions of political leadership, a survey by TrustLaw found India to be ranked as the worst country in the world for women. At a time when women are increasingly claiming their rightful share of half the sky and asserting their autonomy and independence, the rising crimes against them are conducted with absolute impunity by criminals who have no fear of the law.

We are writing to you in the hope that you will direct government and judiciary to take special note of the escalation of gender violence and work together on a priority basis to implement the measures detailed above.

Lack of gender justice, lack of fear of the law, police and judicial apathy, failure of governance and shrinking public spaces is a matter of grave concern, not just for women but for every citizen of this country.
[Your name]
You can sign them at the below mentioned link and various other petitions for the same cause:

Jai Hind!

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