Thursday, 31 January 2013

7 Writers get to show their creativity…in The Seven-Line Challenge

Hello folks, hope the new year is treating you well.

With regards to the update of my book, as I had mentioned before, it has gone for its second reprint..and this time, with your valuable inputs regarding the same.

Well, the below post is about a challenge, given to me by one of the fellow authors also an amazing poet, Ms. Sharla Shults…Author of Awakenings…the details of which you will find on her site.

So here is my part of the challenge.

Recently Catnipoflife, tagged me in the 7-line challenge for writers.
For that, firstly I would like to thank her for considering me. It was fun to undergo this challenge, since the genre in which I wrote my first book was Self Help, and coincidentally when I fished out the 7th Line from the 77th page of my book, it turned out be from a chapter that I like…

Let me first brief you a little about my book. The Cup of Life- A Journey towards Self Contemplation which is an absorbing, thought-provoking self-help book.

This book is a unique description of the manner in which common, everyday issues can provide one, with opportunities to learn lessons from life. The book suggests ways of handling various issues, relationships and various other nuances of life. The author advocates a close look at life and all its aspects with a view to improve and enrich it. In doing so, she suggests one must try and alter one’s perspective, think deeper and engage in an appropriate dialogue with oneself to produce desired results in life. Without bias, written in a flowing narrative style, the book is an easy to read, comprehend guidebook that can cater to readers both young and old.

A must be read book for all who wish to lead a meaningful, enriching and purposeful life.
You can find the same on Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Although, I wish it should have been a 17 line challenge to give more clarity of thought to what is been written, but 7 it is, so be it…as I hope these 7 lines of mine make some sense and give you the essence of the chapter…

Now here are 7 lines from page 77 from chapter 11 – Everybody Wants to be Somebody Else, from ‘The Cup of Life – A Journey Towards Self Contemplation.‘ As the title is self explanatory..the following lines will throw more light on the same.

“A girl from a royal family would prefer to fall in love with a pauper rather than an empire crazy, heartless prince who might not even love her truly. Alternatively a rich guy might prefer to fall for a peasant’s daughter and be won over by her beauty & simplicity, as she has an angelic smile on her heavenly face every time she looks at him, the kind of love he won’t get from a cash crazy royal princess waiting to be accepted by the prince. In the end what emerges is the thought, ‘Oh how I wish I had a different life, only then I would be really happy'.

So here are writers I’ve chosen, to keep the challenge going.

But I do not have their wordpress id’s…nonetheless their names and their work…is here..I plan to leave a fb message for them, regarding the same…

Ronald Fischman –
Af Costa –
John Lansing –
Dawson Walton –
Jessica Lynn –
Patricia Carrigan –
Val Nieman –
I do not know these writers, but we had liked each others pages, so hope some take it sportingly.

This challenge was fun. Thanks..Sharla once again.