Btrfly 2 

Like a butterfly embraces its metamorphosis gracefully not knowing for sure whether it would become one, the soul too withstands the trials and blows of the situations, only to emerge into something as beautiful as God’s creation…with ambient colors depicting the solemness of the butterfly. The grandiose with which it takes a flight towards the skies, defines it boldness and strength with which it endured its ever changing creation into this magnificent yet sublime creature…

Whoever thought it was easy to go through life without realizing the lessons that it has in store for us, and lessons you know would be hard and irrefutable, and have to be learnt whether you are prepared or not, for such is the want of the soul, in its desire to transform into something more beautiful.

With innumerable blows to the hot iron, is when it moulds itself into the desired form that we want. Such is the desire of the Almighty to perfect his own creation, by making them endure the several blows which they ever so lovingly asked him to bestow on them, only to sustain the pain and the suffering and finally to emerge into something divine and beautiful, a speck of him, himself.

Ever witnessed the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a grand butterfly? When you watch the process, it seems so painful and brutal and asphyxiating, considering the poor little larva is struggling and almost trapped inside that tiny cocoon but with so much endurance and persistence it finally emerges into a caterpillar post which it feeds and feeds on the leaves and in a matter of days again dares itself to go through the painstaking process of shedding its skin from the chrysalis, that’s when the beauty of creation is quite evident in front of our eyes, in varying colors and magnificence, flying ever so effortlessly, without reminiscing the pain it might have endured whilst its carefully crafted creation.


Such is the plan of God, when he sends his beloveds down and gives them the courage and the grit to endure any number of blows that life has to offer, only to realize in the end, that it’s all in the plan, which the creator is painstakingly awaiting for the soul to emerge triumphant from its self chosen trails to finally metamorphose into something, strikingly beautiful and soulfully sublime. That’s when we appreciate the beauty of our creator, who himself also goes through all the troubles, while seeing our struggle with our woes, but he is watching patiently, for he is endowed us with the necessary strength and power to overcome any obstacles that are presented our way, in reaching our goals of growing our Soul, into the form of the Almighty.

For we are part of him and he will always be within us, it is on our individual selves to recognize that and finally reach our full potential by imbibing the attributes that he has inculcated in us and follow the divine plan…
Butterfly Soul 

Love…and Let Love…