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Plight of a novice writer!!!

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Plight of a novice writer…
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After dodging and dousing several able manuscripts from a list of endless ones, somehow you get yourself heard by the traditional publishers. You might think your journey ends there, but as they as, if you want results you might as well finish what you started, the saying being true for all who aspire to write or even contemplate of writing. 

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Nonetheless, the creative vent being quite strong, many of us still dare to forage in this not so financially fulfilling sector, since writing being one of the ways to fulfill the soul’s beckoning of following ones innate and quenching desire to be heard and give a voice to one’s story, just to enlighten a lost soul or simply to leave a mark behind before one perishes. Having said this, it is next to impossible to emerge triumphant in this sector, considering the dynamics of this although alluring yet not so financially fulfilling sector.

To add to the misery a novice being just a drop in the ocean in this vast ever eluding and far receding Industry, does not shower mercy to the ‘New Comers’ (although having published a self-help); the greatest reason being one has to be already a ‘Somebody’, prior to even attempting to enter this forlorn sector, just to become let’s say yet another ‘Somebody’ (e.g. CB an accomplished I Banker, Amish following suit and many more), just adding an extra bit of challenge to the so called ‘New Comers’. The apathy of this industry is, no matter how many ever titles one publishes, one would always be categorized as a ‘New Comer’ until one fine day, their manuscript becomes a successful movie script and hits the theater by a storm.

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My earnest appeal to the Indian readers, If only they successfully and mindfully for once, imitated this one greatest trait of the West, this Industry wouldn’t be in such an apathetic state as one would imagine. Ironically India being land of Sarasvati, where education and literacy is giving utmost importance, sadly we do not like to enlighten ourselves with a little bit of self-help to work on ourselves and fiction trails even behind.

Having said all this, the facts and figures of this Industry are something that many who venture out in this daredevil domain, are quite aware of but it’s still a fascinating sector, one way to pursue ones dream. Nonetheless I’ll only hope and pray that people of this country wake up and adopt this one missed out trait from the west which could be the only saving grace for this creative vent yet fast receding Industry.

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Last but not the least I would only like to say this also speaking for my fellow comrades, that it is easy to give a vent to ones creativity in the form of writing, but it is very difficult and next to impossible to sell this art in this vast and diverse country. Yet for the sake of creativity and sustenance of ones soul’s desires, new comers like us won’t back down. And if a script is good, it would find its way to take the market by storm at its right time Chanakya Neeti and Shiva Trilogies being the best trailblazers paving the way for success through their unconventional ways, thus leaving hope for us new comers.

Bottom line, no matter this Industry is tough, but it is not as demoralizing as many other dry sectors, where though one can feed their body, but one can never feed the yearning of their soul.

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