Thursday, 1 January 2015

Living in the – ‘Now’!!!

Another year gone by and trails triumphed over, some lost some gained…some basked in the glory of just being…

Every year we begin the year with much furor, hopes and promises to make that new beginning, to make that change we have been procrastinating, whether it be as simple as waking up an hour early in the morning, looking after your health, having a healthy diet, cleaning up that god forsaken wardrobe…(ahem! applies to meJ ) or as difficult as mending broken relations, forgiving and forgetting issues in life…no matter how hard you find it in your heart to let go of wounds…And when you take stock of how you have grown as a person, with each hurdle conquered, new lessons learnt each day of your way… got more in touch with your innate self, thus making the journey worthwhile.

Having born human, one has to take heed of the plethora of qualities that one can access from this vast world of spirituality. One would always be pushed a notch higher in their goal of learning new spiritual lessons which lay in their quest while knowing one’s true self.

The true self, no matter how much ever one tries to near one, will always be eluded by its multi faceted nature yet it’s all pervading magnanimity.

The only way one can learn and grow is by experiencing the same by oneself directly and that’s what this journey is all about.

We as humans love to play victim, and always placing the outcome of our actions on an external source, be it good or bad that has happened to us. Always seeking retribution from an external source, without having to delve deeper into the quote what you sow, so shall you reap. Despite knowing the cliché, treat other’s the way you want yourself to be treated. Most carry with themselves the baggage of their innumerable lives, thus facing the things that they face during their journey of this life. For some it’s a fun ride all the way, without any spiritual growth of even a speck of knowing ones true self, for some the path is laden with innumerable hurdles, but the strength and courage imparted to conquer ones spiritual goals.

So this new year, try and begin your journey by exploring the depths of your world within…By enduring to learn and sync ones spiritual heart and mind into one and learning to live in the moment.
For if it wasn’t for your choices of yesterdays, you wouldn’t be living this moment in Today and only if you live with the choices made and not anticipate about the choices of tomorrow, will you ever be present enough to live in the Now.

Welcome your new self in this New Year with this promise of exploring the New and changing you each day, to realize that Life is best lived when its lived and cherished in the Now.