Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Birthday Time = Cake Time!!!

Hello folks!!

Hope you have been taking care of yourself...and also having a good time...well if you are looking for some more good time..then hop on to the Birthday today I'm gonna take you all on a sumptuous ride to choco land....Yes its my birthday today....and yes I've baked a choco cake at home...which of course I'm gonna totally relish with my darlin' hubby....but you too can enjoy the same....haha..but virtually....

Hey! I'm not being mean...well I thought how is that I could make you guys also part of the I thought I would share the recipe with you..of my quick 30 minutes homemade egg-less choco here it goes...grab your aprons, oven mits, and get to work....

Home Made Egg-less Chocolate Cake Recipe - 1 Kg

1 1/2 Cup Refined Flour (Maida)
Brown Bread - 4-5 Pieces
Vita Marie - 8-10 Biscuits
Baking Powder - 1 1/2 Tsp
Baking Soda - 1/4 Tsp
Salt - 1/4 Tsp
Powdered Sugar - 2 Cups
Coco Powder - 3 Tbs
Butter - 250 gms
Amul Fresh Cream - 1
Chocolate - Dark or Milk - 2 bars.


Pre-heat the microwave at 180 degrees.

Then grease a cake pan with some butter and lay butter paper on the bottom and the sides, so that the cake does not stick to the pan after baking.

Then beat 250 gms butter and 1 1/2 half cup powdered sugar to make a fine paste like consistency..after beating rapidly it would look something like this..
Grind and make powder of 4-5 pieces of brown bread and keep it aside, then grind 8-10 pieces of Vita Marie biscuit and keep it aside.

Add all the dry ingredients together i.e.

All purpose flour (Maida) + Brown Bread powder + Biscuit powder + Baking Powder + Baking Soda + Salt + 1 TBS Coco Powder + 1 chocolate bar (roughly cut into pieces)
This mixture will look something like this:

Now for the wet ingredients:

Melt 1 bar of milk/dark chocolate by double boiling it along with 1 Tbs of Coco powder. Then add 1/2 cup milk to the mixture and make it into a fine paste like consistency. This mixture would look something like this:

Now mix both the dry ingredients in the butter & sugar bowl and beat them together well, while adding the wet ingredients, i.e. the chocolate & coco mixture...if the batter is too thick, then add 1 Cup milk to loosen the batter and finally bring it a soft flowing paste like consistency. Then pour the same in the butter greased cake pan. Do save some of the chocolate & Coco syrup like paste for the topping.

The Chocolate Cake batter will look something like this:

Now bake this cake mixture in the microwave for around 10-12 minutes, and to check the same if it is done, insert a knife or a fork in the middle of the risen cake, if it comes out clean, then consider it done. And get the cake out and rest it till it cools...

Out from the oven the cake would look something like this:

Now for the topping, beat Amul fresh cream in a bowl until it resumes a fluffy cream like consistency, then add the remaining chocolate + coco powder syrup along with 1 tsp butter along with 2 Tbs of powdered sugar in the fluffy cream and beat them together to make a fluffy choco paste.

This mixture will look something like this:

Finally brush this mixture over the rested cake with a spatula and spread it evenly all over the cake..

The final product - Egg-less Homemade Chocolate Cake would look something like this:

So there  you go, you can either choose to serve the cake immediately or also refrigerate the same, in case you want to serve it later...

And if you are a chocolate fanatic, you can shred some pieces of your favorite chocolate and sprinkle it all over the chocolate cream, to add to the merriment....but in case you are watching your calories, then you can leave the extra chocolate out....Besides you can also make the same cake, by using Sugar free instead of powdered white sugar...And alternatively, you can also make the same by using 1 cup Milkmaid melted with 1/2 cup milk, in that case, you should use only half the quantity of sugar..

So is my quick 30 minute egg-less home made chocolate cake recipe...Easy to make with everyday ingredients...and turns out delicious....

Guys...while savoring this virtual cake of mine, you can also visit my site which has information on my upcoming book 'The Cup Of Life'.

Hope you guys enjoyed my virtual tour...for more...interesting thoughts and recipes keep watching this space...ciao cake's waiting....c ya..


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