Monday, 23 April 2012

Believe in your dreams... They do come true!!!

Hello there friends…

Today I’m going to talk about something which each one of us experiences and feels, but for various reasons, is unable to fulfil it…Yes my friends…Dreams…

Not the kind of abstract ones which you get in the night, well we wish the abstract ones too come true, but that would be funny..coz my favourite abstract dream is, I’m flying around the world…just like birds, but I’m in my nightgown..God save the world…anyway..coming back to the real topic of dreams…the ones that we see often in our childhood, of who we want to be when we grow up….but the same gets crystalised when we begin college and higher studies, and finally our jobs…

And everything seems alright, life is going on track, we are earning well for our comfortable living, for some it is even luxurious..but when we reach the cross roads of our lives, we realize something that although we have everything that we desired for, riches, settled job, good family, good house, etc…there is still something missing…and from somewhere the muffled voice within us, which has been silent for as long…suddenly comes to life and prompts us to remember our dreams..the dream where one is independent, earning his own livelihood by his own means, one is living for his own sake, living on his/her terms, enjoying their every moment on earth…finally doing what he/she wants to do, i.e. living our passions…..

Yes, our passions…its possible, if you look deep within yourself, you will realize all this time, you would have loved to follow your passion, but just that you were not aware it existed, its only one day, when you felt you have achieved all, it slowly crept into your conscience and made you realize, what if you were not who you are right now, but you had the potential of becoming someone else altogether, if only you had noticed your yearning for creativity long before joining the rat race…you would have emerged a winner after all these years…having said that, no matter, when you is the realization that matters….and this is my story….after having followed one unknown path for so long…I felt so lost…when I reached the crossroads…

Destiny came knocking on my doors and my conscience spoke to me and presented me with two paths, one which was familiar and less scary and less uncertain…which apparently I had chosen for so many years…and landed at the crossroads confused….and other path…although scary, uncertain, challenging, adventurous and unknown….but…heart warming, soul endearing, full of surprises, full of passion, full of life, above all with the warmth of God and his encouraging support….

I felt its now or never, and leapt towards  the new path…and embraced it with all my might..and the result of that faith and hard-work is the creation of my Book – The Cup Of Life – A Journey Towards Self Contemplation…which is due to release soon…the presentation of which you can check either on my website or follow the Youtube link:

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And hoping for all your love and support for the success of my book and the beginning of my journey towards the unknown, yet soulful path…The path which was awaiting my arrival for long, but fortunately I did arrive…..and I’m glad I did….so here’s wishing all you guys…good luck and lots of courage to take that leap of faith, as there is someone who would guide you to fulfil your dreams, if only You Believe…..


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