Saturday, 4 October 2014

Angelic Love!!!

Love is undefinable. It has a million shades; even love would be oblivious to its changing and divine grace.Love can be sublime, it can be enliving, it can lift you up to the stars just to let you reach for the moon. 

It can breathe air back into you and knock you back out with that one glance of your beloved, which you wouldn’t wanna miss a chance.Love can make you feel youthful and 16 all over again, and make you wanna love life, when you thought you had lost the game. Sweet love can make you wanna walk over the thorn of roses, only to reach your beloved. And make you wanna dance in the meadow and drown in the sweet fragrance of your lover…love can bring out the best and beautiful in you, things that you were unaware off that you were capable to do…

It can make you wanna laugh and cry at the same time, just when he is near and far from out of your sight…love can make you hopeful and ambitious and everything…things that you jus need to desire and they will transpire you from your within…Love can bring out the shades in you, that you never even imagined, it can make you feel on top of the world and pull the ground beneath your feet…

It’s all about how your lover makes you feel, coz when the time is right, love can make you weak in your knees, and churn an million butterflies from your within, with him in front of you and you loosin yourself in him…That’s when you would wanna scream from top of your lungs, only to profess your sweet love for him…that you were dead until now, the moment he stepped in…and made you complete…with his unending and unquenching desirable love for not just you but your within…The love that accepts you completely for all your varying shades, be it bruises and sorrows that define you and your endless shades…for he is the one who has been sent to read your shades, which appear only black and white to the rest of the race…

He’s the kinda lover you never wanna loose, for he accepts you for your pain and your bruise, and has the will to pull you back up, from the ends of the hollow that you had befallen…yet waited his arrival with abated breath…only to follow, the moment he rescued you by risking his life…that’s the kinda lover, who’s your trophy and your precious prize..

A lover that makes you wanna catch the rainbows on a cloudy day, the one who makes you wanna drown in his sageful eyes and lets you wanna lay in his arms without fright..And jus when you know, the moment of your death arrives, you accept the same without any fright…for you are completely astounded with the experience that you had…where an angel descended from heaven, only to teach you love…and gave you the honor of being his beloved, who would not only be revered and remembered in the name of love, but will be cherished for having taken the last breath in the arms of her beloved. 

Such is the love when two love parched souls unite, where one ends and the other begins, no one can decide…where one ends, and the other begins, no one can decide …

Love Angel 


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