Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Make Peace, Not War!

Make Peace, Not War!
All I want to do, is spread some cheer,
Instead, life holds me back and makes me fear.
Is everyone ready to receive this dear,
For people are busy in self loathing and living in fear.

children playing with peace

No one wants to emerge from the drowning,
All they wanna do is derive solace from their frowning.
Little do they realize, agony resides in each and every one of us,
All we have to do is, learn to alleviate the pain from each one of us…

war victim sweet girl image

If only we learn to look beyond our pain and sorrows,
Sufferings will erase itself and we will stop being so shallow.
Only then, will we be shown a window to open our hearts
To welcome the new dawn to never set us apart.

birds and world peace

If only we realize, all we have to do is not detest,
And quietly follow the hand,
Which patiently guides us in times of distress.

gods vision of peace

All we wanna do is, define life in our own terms,
But little do we realize, that life seldom takes its own turns,
All life does is, leads us to our quest,
A quest of life, which is everyone’s test..

everyone's test

So wouldn’t it be helpful to learn from the rest,
What life actually demands from us, but we often protest.
We prefer to bicker and bitch about our state,
Rather than, turning back and learning from our mistakes..

art of giving

Forget the government, forget the society,
First learn to surrender to your own duality.


Duality of the two world’s that we live in,
One rule for us and other to give in.


First learn to welcome, new changes in your own house,
Than go and preach the same, on the floor of the house..
For freedom, should first come to your heart and soul,
Free it from the shackles of the conditioning of the old.

old beliefs of India

old beliefs

Since time and again, it is portrayed to you,
What lies within, is what is the real you…
So why preach something, that you yourself don’t follow,
This only proves the world, what lies within you, is a heart that is hollow.

try to bring inner peace

So why not first learn to bring peace and tranquility within yourself,
For that is the new mantra for this world and you better not digress.
All life does now, is await a new regime;
A regime of love and peace for all human beings.

5 spheres of peace

Be it young or old, or any living thing…
For Peace to be spread there has to be peace within….

peace within

For Peace to be spread there has to be peace within….

With Love From,


  1. Oh, Seeta, what a powerful message you have transpired in your poetic writing! Great poem :-)

  2. Thanks Sharla, may be it was one of those days, when the heart did the talking, the fingers did the writing. And most of all, the brain did the best job, of not interfering..and letting the heart speak its mind....Glad you visited...