Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My First Blog!!

Hello There,
(No, you are not crazy if you are reading this blog…trust me…jus…just hear me out…) so here itgoes…
Hello guys,
Since this is a new world to me, I take the privilege of welcoming myself to this unknown domain.
Now though I’m new to this blogging domain, but surely I’ve discovered one super power within me, I’m not the next superwoman…and there is no threat whatsoever to these legendary superheroes…gosh stop it, I’m definitely not the next lady G-One, I guess we suffered enough in the hands of the original already, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one from the opposite sex….
Well coming back to the point, it is nothing much, I discovered, infact one of my loved one discovered, that my jibber jabber most of the times or let’s say sometimes (being modest here…yes I do possess this unique quality…) which makes more sense..and so, with all my mighty powers, bestowed onto my Pen…I poured all my worldly wisdom on to a piece of paper and guess what there came a creation, which honestly could be my legacy one day….and why not I’ll be dead proud of it…get it…dead…legacy…proud…ohh never mind…well what I was saying was, I mean is……believe it or not…I discovered a Writer in me…..yes a passionate writer, not that I’m a writer who is writing this now, but an Actual Book Writer, an Author so to say…and it feels great…to have written my first book…and yes it is about the quintessential element, which we all aspire to have…and that too a good one….i.e. Life…the book encompasses various aspects of our life in these times and don’t be surprised when I say, there can be better ways to live it…..so until it is released keep watching this space..
Meanwhile those who do not know me…here it goes….Yes…I can be serious, infact this book is one of my SERIOUS ventures…
Hmm…serious…guys stop laughing…believe me I can be serious….well this could come as a shock to some of the folks who know me closely, for them I’m pretty much a stand up comedian, except that I don’t get paid  for it..ohh..please not of the type that comes on the television, loud in all forms, act, attire, satire and cliched comedy…since when did comedy become a circus act, are we grown up’s or what….I like the kinda comedy Seinfeld does, or perhaps the kind in Scrubs…well it has to be related to real life, and does not need to be loud, even a simple maim can make us laugh don’t believe me how about the legendary Charlie Chaplin or the cute and dumb headed at the same time, Laurel and Hardy..and how about the three stooges…and who can forget Mr. Bean….I bet these guys could put a smile on the dead man’s face if tried…
So for my first blog, I thought of the one must-have element without which one cannot have a complete life…yes a complete dose of Comedy…and brace yourself, this is  the one medicine, which one can’t get enough off, and if they do, there are no side effects…so go on my friends…LOL…Laugh your head out…coz, you never know..when your pants might fall off….oops I mean…life might end…
Well this was a trailer from my kinda comedy, absolute nonsense, total no brainer, pj’s, satire, anything that could put a smile on your faces…if I manage to do that then my mission is succeeded, which is to have BUGGED YOUUUUUUUU…….hahahaha…catch you soon…


  1. hi seet

    it is amazing and pl keep it up. commendable job and god bless you


  2. Thanks chandu for such kind words, glad that you enjoyed the post..well keep watching out for more...